— 3D Lenticular Image Archival Giclée Prints—


These images are surreal reveries of warped space and time. The places I visited are always a rich source of inspiration for my work. Solace is the main theme of the Metafisica series. For example, ‘Last Tree’ was inspired by my trip to Puerto Rico. The beauty of this enchanted island is also facing a threat of environmental problem. Admist the looming distruction of the lush palm trees and crystal beaches by the mechanical fish devouring its beauty, two island natives find small solace in a company under the last tree. ‘Land of no Land’ is an imaginary place where technology fueled society lost its natural resources including their land, and is survived by radiation resisting live stocks and acid water. Only solace is found on the man-made land made of mutated giant coconut shells. ‘City of Hope’ is my tribute to all the WWII war orphans.

3D lenticular print creates an optical illusion of depth and motion on a two-dimensional surface. Each image of this edition is one of a kind, and is framed under UV protective, anti-reflectieve plexiglass.




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